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From old to new

You treasure an old piece of jewellery but never wear it? We can rework the old piece into a new wearable treasure. As jewellery makers with heart and soul, we succeed in creating a piece of jewellery that you like to wear and that is either in the tradition of the original jewellery or a completely new creation.

Let our ideas inspire you! Simply make an appointment with us, we will be happy to take a look at your existing jewellery, from which something new is to be created.

Our services

Jewellery care

You should experience endless pleasure with your jewellery from studio Frank! We are happy to support you with maintaining your jewellery in top condition: when cleaning, when adjusting the clasps, checking the gemstones or rethreading pearl and gemstone chains. Contact us!


A matt surface can become shiny after regular wear. We are happy to redo the matt surface of pieces bought at our studio. On the other hand, we can also make polished surfaces that have become matt - shine again. Make an appointment now, we will take care of it while you wait. This is part of our service and is usually free of charge.


Although diamonds are the hardest material on earth, they need occasional care. Hand cream, cosmetics, dirt, grease and dust can stick to the jewellery. Gentle care brings back the sparkle and glow. You can also take this into your own hands. Soak your diamond jewelry in lukewarm soapy water and brush it off with a very soft toothbrush. This way you can easily remove the layer of dirt. After rinsing, dry the diamond jewellery well with a soft cotton cloth.


Pearls are precious and delicate. The natural surface of the pearls, mother-of-pearl, gives them their unique shine. The mother of pearl layer is sensitive to oils, chemicals and abrasion, therefore always store your pearls seperately. It is best to put on your pearls only after you have used cosmetic products. It is also important to check the pearl silk on which your pearls are strung. We would be happy to inspect your pearls in our studio. We recommend having frequently worn pearl necklaces re-strung every one to two years.


High-carat gold rarely tarnishes. Nevertheless, it should be cleaned regularly, because hand creams, oils and skin particles build up a layer of dirt that can even cause skin irritation. You can soak our pure gold jewellery briefly in lukewarm soapy water, clean it with a very soft toothbrush, then rub it with a very soft cloth and let it dry.

You're not sure how to take care of a piece? Please ask us. We are happy to assist you.