Atelier Frank

High quality jewellery with refined details

For us, life and work form a unity in our studio. Regardless of how long we work on one piece of jewellery, in the end it carries the experience of 30 years of jewellery making. We are both highly devoted to our work. Each of our pieces of jewellery is individually designed and every single detail is lovingly hand made. Thus the scope of our collections remains limited, the result always shows the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

We take great pleasure in finding ingenious solutions that never fail to amaze our customers. We have developed our own creative techniques with many subtleties, such as the often neglected clasps or when it comes to combining several small pieces of jewellery such as necklaces, rings or earrings into one unity.

"Love begins with the eyes."

Russian proverb


Unusual combinations

We are fascinated by different materials and their individual expressive possibilities. The experience we have gained over decades and our knowledge of the properties of the materials used, result in unusual combinations.

In Atelier Frank, gemstones, pearls and precious metal are combined with wood, pebbles, raw amber and interesting found objects to create exciting, individual pieces of jewellery. We use both proven craft techniques and technical innovations to realize our designs.

Selected suppliers

High quality jewellery has its price, because it is made of high quality materials. This is important to us, to ensure that you have endless enjoyment with your unique pieces from Atelier Frank. We purchase our raw materials from selected suppliers only and attach great importance to their flawless, environmentally friendly and humane origin. The precious metals we process (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) are recycled in Germany under the strictest supervision.

Would you like to know how to care for the materials we use? Find out more on our service page.


Barbara Frank

After the apprenticeship as a goldsmith at the renowned Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, years as a journeyman and the subsequent master craftsman examination in 1995, I opened my first studio in Neulingen. During a stay of several years in Mauritius together with Stephan I worked among other things as a teacher for arts and crafts at the school for street children "Paille en Queue".

After my return, Stephan and I founded Atelier Frank, then in Neuenbürg, later in Neulingen and since 2016 in Rheinau. In the same year I successfully completed my studies of business administration (HWK).

The inlays in wood are undoubtedly among my favourite pieces of work: whereas precious metal, pearls or valuable stones find their place as pattern inlays.


Stephan Frank

After training as a jewellery goldsmith at the renowned Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, the journeyman and travelling years, a job as jewellery designer and model goldsmith, training as a diamond appraiser at the German gemstone centre in Idar-Oberstein, then the master's examination followed in 1995 and work as a workshop manager in a studio for jewellery art.

This was followed by an internship at the Marc Élan jewellery workshop in New York and several years of management and design work for an international jewellery company in Mauritius Island / Indian Ocean. In addition to my professional activities, I volunteered as a counsellor and served on the examination board for the Technical College for Textile and Jewellery Design in Rose Hill, Mauritius. After my return to my home country I founded the jewellery studio together with Barbara in 2004.

Since 2004 I have been working intensively with the Japanese forging technique Mokume Gane and organize an annual event week for interested colleagues, during which we exchange experiences and working techniques. From 2008 to 2018, I also taught the specialist courses for the graphic, spatial representation of jewellery for the German Jewellery Association in Pforzheim.

I love to design rings in a modern kind of jewellery technique as a portable and changeable sculpture.

Outstanding craftsmanship

Prizes and awards

Barbara Frank

  • 1988 School prize of the goldsmith school
  • 1994 Award at the American Pearl Design Contest
  • 2016 Award at the competition "Metamorphoses" of the city of Haguenau (France) and inclusion in the exhibition

Stephan Frank

  • 1988 School prize of the goldsmith school
  • 1990 1st prize of the IHK Nordschwarzwald
  • 1996 Award at the DeBeers Diamonds-Today competition
  • 2008 Award at the State Prize of Baden-Württemberg and participation in the state exhibition of the BdK in Offenburg
  • 2016 Admission to the national exhibition of the BdK in Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • 2016 Inclusion in the exhibition "Metamorphoses" of the city of Haguenau (France)

Atelier Frank

Exhibitions and memberships

Our exhibitions:

  • Every year we take part in exhibitions in Germany, Austria and France, for example at Eunique, Résonance(s) or Art & Design.
  • Solo exhibitions in the Buslat artists' guild in 1997, 2005 and 2010
  • In 2018 we had the honour to exhibit our jewellery at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia (USA) as part of a group of German guest exhibitors.
  • 2019 Joint exhibition on the topic of Mokume Gane in Vienna

We are a member of the following professional associations: